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  • Xy lanh khí nén loại tròn CS-PBDA Koganei

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • From the above definitions, the Koganei clean level classes can be viewed as the level of average contamination per liter of surrounding air over a period of 10 operations in cleanroom. Air ventilation in cleanrooms is usually faster than 1 cycle per minute, and clean volumetric capacity is usually larger than 1 liter, which should provide a sufficient safety margin in practice.

Double Acting Type
● Finely tuned configurations capable of dealing even with non-ion specification offer
compact, lightweight features.
● 4 types and 5 classes of mounting types allow for a large variety of mounting
● Capable of mounting □4mm [0.157in.] sensor switches for excellent performance in a
compact size.
Single Acting Push Type
● A centering location on the body improves mounting precision.
●Wrench flats built into the body provide secure mounting.
● Drawing presentation for positioning not required.

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