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  • Xy lanh khí Koganei AFDPG

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • The air hands (grippers) offer the more common synchronous type, and the asynchronous type. Fine stroke adjustment for the workpiece is also available. Because the asynchronous method involves making one side of the bore size of the finger larger to the other side, with that side as the reference plane and gripping is performed by moving the opposite side finger, this system is optimum for workpieces with side reference planes

Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF AFDPG6.DXF (137KB) Air Hand AFDPG-6 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPG6A.DXF (148KB) Air Hand AFDPG-6-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPG6B.DXF (149KB) Air Hand AFDPG-6-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG6C.DXF (156KB) Air Hand AFDPG-6-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG8.DXF (131KB) Air Hand AFDPG-8 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPG8A.DXF (142KB) Air Hand AFDPG-8-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPG8B.DXF (141KB) Air Hand AFDPG-8-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG8C.DXF (148KB) Air Hand AFDPG-8-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG12.DXF (126KB) Air Hand AFDPG-12 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPG12A.DXF (139KB) Air Hand AFDPG-12-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPG12B.DXF (139KB) Air Hand AFDPG-12-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG12C.DXF (148KB) Air Hand AFDPG-12-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG14.DXF (144KB) Air Hand AFDPG-14 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPG14A.DXF (234KB) Air Hand AFDPG-14-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPG14B.DXF (153KB) Air Hand AFDPG-14-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG14C.DXF (161KB) Air Hand AFDPG-14-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGL14.DXF (149KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-14 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPGL4A.DXF (158KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-14-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPGL4B.DXF (157KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-14-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGL4C.DXF (164KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-14-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG18.DXF (66KB) Air Hand AFDPG-18 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPG18A.DXF (73KB) Air Hand AFDPG-18-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPG18B.DXF (73KB) Air Hand AFDPG-18-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPG18C.DXF (180KB) Air Hand AFDPG-18-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGL18.DXF (164KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-18 (synchronous type)
DXF AFDPGL8A.DXF (182KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-18-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPGL8B.DXF (178KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-18-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGL8C.DXF (188KB) Air Hand AFDPGL-18-JC (opening. close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGH8A.DXF (140KB) Air Hand AFDPGH-8-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPGH8B.DXF (140KB) Air Hand AFDPGH-8-JB (close. dir. adj.)
DXF AFDPGH12A.DXF (145KB) Air Hand AFDPGH-12-JA (opening dir.adj.)
DXF AFDPGH12B.DXF (145KB) Air Hand AFDPGH-12-JB (close. dir. adj.)

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