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  • Máy sấy nhựa HD2 Matsui

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • Hopper dryer is a ventilation typed device that dries resins with hot air. The hot air of high pressure rises as it goes in between resins and thus, is capable of uniformed drying in a short duration.

Air drawn in by the blower goes through the heater of a rectified flow and is spread evenly from the discharge port. Hence, difference between the set and actual temperature is being minimized.
Matsui's original diffuser cone prevents short passing of materials.
The voltage tripping breaker (SHT type) trips upon overheating. A preventive device for external overheating comes together as an independent safety device from the temperature controller.
3.Saves Energy
The dual structure of the heater box supports both heat exchange and thermal insulation. The dual structure of the lower hopper, whose temperature rises to the highest, prevents heat radiation.
4.Easy Maintenance
While hopper body of small models can be opened via the hinge, hopper bodies of bigger model are equipped with a large maintenance window for easy cleaning.
5.Environment Friendly
The long lasting, easy to detach filter sheet keeps the molding environment clean.

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