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  • Máy làm lạnh trung tâm cho khuôn nhựa MCC5 Matsui

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  • Condenser is a double tube type.For this reason, durability is improving to the foul cooling water.
    Users are set free from the pain of maintenance.
    The double tube type capacitor is resistant to contamination from cooling water along the pipe diameter and provided with a nozzle for cleaning that facilitates cleaning work, thus decreasing the frequency of maintenance significantly as compared to conventional machines. Therefore, stable performance can be maintained.

●Capacity control enhances high precision temperature control of ±1°C.
●Usage of a large tank enhances stability of temperature.
2,High Performance
●Large flow rate and high pressure pump ensures stable cooling of even complicated mold structures.
●Expanded applicable temperature range to 5°C~30°C.
●Control panel uses flat keys and display temperature of precision up to 0.1°C.
3,Environment Friendly
Uses R407C as the cooling medium that does not harm our ozone layer.
Comes with external start signal, alarm output and alarm buzzer functions. Display 8 different warning contents in characters.

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