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  • Xy lanh khí nén SGDA Koganei

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  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • Select guide rod bearing according to application Wide range includes scraper specification to prevent dust from entering. 

    1.Slide bearing type Superior wear resistance makes it optimum for stopper or other devices needing resistance to lateral loads with shocks. 

    2.Rolling bearing type Smooth operation with high precision makes it optimum for pushers and lifters. 


Slender-figured sensor switch Magnets for sensor switches are standard on all models. Embedded shape avoids protrusion of switches, to simplify mounting in tight spaces.

■Enables piping from 2 directions Rational device design allows selection of piping location according to the mounting environment. In addition, the piping for dust collection ports used in cylinders for clean systems can also be approached from 2 directions. 

■Cylinders for clean systems also in line-up Cleanliness rating corresponds to Class 5 (FED-STD209E Class 100 equivalent) (according to Koganei test standards).

■End keep cylinder also available End keep mechanism supports stable operation in the vertical direction to prevent workpiece from falling caused by shut off in the air supply or any decrease of air pressure. ■Four types of mounting possible

■Non-ion as a Standard Can be used on Cathode-ray tube (CRT) manufacturing lines, etc., since copper materials are not used. (Except cylinders for clean systems)

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