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    Use durable piston seals.
    The two piston seals are the durable PPY type. This prevents inner air leakage, and achieves smooth operation from low-speed to highspeed
    Sensor switches can be installed anytime after cylinder installation.
    Magnets as standard equipment across the entire series allow sensor switches to be installed anytime after the cylinder has been installed.
    High installation accuracy and simple mounting operations.
    A centering location on the rod cover improves mounting precision. Moreover, the mounting nut’s improved thread precision means that
    holding the cylinder body in place by hand is sufficient for mounting nut tightening operations. Mounting in hard-to-reach places is easy.
    Rubber bumper (Graph 1)
    Variable cushion (Graph 2)
    How to read the graphs
    From Graph 1, the capacity of the rubber bumpers limits the maximum
    speed to 500mm/s [19.7in./sec.] or less when a φ32 Slim Cylinder is used
    to carry a load of 5kg [11.0lb.].
    From Graph 2, a φ32 cylinder with variable cushion can be selected to carry
    a load of 8kg [17.6lb.] at a maximum speed of 600mm/s [23.6in./sec.].

Slim cylinders (with the exception of heat resistant specifications)
include a cushioning mechanism.
This mechanism is intended to reduce as much as possible the
impact of pistons with high kinetic energy when they stop at the end
of the stroke. There are two types of cushions, as shown below.
●Rubber bumpers (Standard equipment)
Rubber bumpers installed on both sides of the piston soften the
impact at the end of the stroke, and absorb the impact noise during
stopping, in response to high-frequency and high-speed operations.
They are standard equipment across the whole series, with the
exception of heat resistant specifications.
Note that a certain amount of rebound will occur at the end of the
stroke on the cylinder with the rubber bumpers.
●Variable cushions
Use variable cushions for large load or high-speed operations that
rubber bumpers cannot adequately absorb. The impact is absorbed
by compressing air, when the piston stops at the end of the stroke.
Since the cushioning stroke is included within the cylinder stroke, be
careful to ensure that the cushion is not excessively performed during
cylinder applications of 25mm strokes or less. An excessively
performed cushion can result in too much time for each stroke,
reducing efficiency. When operated at or below the absorbable kinetic
energy shown in the table below, the cushion seal life is 1 million
operations or more.

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