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  • Xy lanh khí Koganei TWDA

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • Twinport Cylinder TWDA Series
    ·Innovative air cylinder uses dual tube structure.
    ·Piping ports concentrated onto one surface to eliminate dead space.
    ·Compact & highly rigid mount allows space-saving; small mounting pitch and highly accurate installation.
    Twinport Cylinder TWDA Series

Twinport Cylinder TWDA Series

Twinport Cylinder TWDA Series
CAD data & Manual download
Please open the file after save it to your PC by left click. How to use
Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF TWDA16HA.DXF (16KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA16-HA(Head side piping)
DXF TWDA16RA.DXF (17KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA16-RA(Rod side piping)
DXF TWDA16RB.DXF (21KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA16-RB(Block)
DXF TWDA20HA.DXF (16KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA20-HA(Head side piping)
DXF TWDA20RA.DXF (17KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA20-RA(Rod side piping)
DXF TWDA20RB.DXF (21KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA20-RB(Block)
DXF TWDA25HA.DXF (16KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA25-HA(Head side piping)
DXF TWDA25RA.DXF (17KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA25-RA(Rod side piping)
DXF TWDA25RB.DXF (27KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA25-RB(Block)
DXF TWDA32HA.DXF (16KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA32-HA(Head side piping)
DXF TWDA32RA.DXF (22KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA32-RA(Rod side piping)
DXF TWDA32RB.DXF (26KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA32-RB(Block)
DXF TWDA40HA.DXF (16KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA40-HA(Head side piping)
DXF TWDA40RA.DXF (17KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA40-RA(Rod side piping)
DXF TWDA40RB.DXF (21KB) Double Acting Std.TWDA40-RB(Block)
DXF TWDA-1A.DXF (49KB) Option Single foot bracket twinport
DXF TWDA-1B1.DXF (45KB) Option Double foot bracket for 12~25mm twinport
DXF TWDA-1B2.DXF (32KB) Option Double foot bracket for 32~40mm twinport
DXF TWDA-3A.DXF (36KB) Option Flange Bracket twinport
DXF TWDA-RA.DXF (25KB) Option with Piping adapter twinport
DXF TWDA-SW.DXF (56KB) Option Sensor Switch twinport

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