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  • Xy lanh khí Koganei AXA

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • AX Cylinder AXA Series
    ·The AX Cylinder has a configuration where a high-precision ball spline is directly driven according to the change from cylinder-oriented to guide-oriented conceptions. This configuration is compact and makes the best use of a high-precision ball spline.
    Cylinder bore size: 10mm-30mm
    Stroke: 20-200mm
    AX Cylinder AXA Series

AX Cylinder AXA Series

AX Cylinder AXA Series
CAD data & Manual download
Please open the file after save it to your PC by left click. How to use
Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF AXA10.DXF (43KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD10
DXF AXA10ZE.DXF (54KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD10-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXA15.DXF (45KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD15
DXF AXA15ZE.DXF (56KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD15-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXA20.DXF (62KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD20
DXF AXA20ZE.DXF (84KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD20-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXA25.DXF (62KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD25
DXF AXA25ZE.DXF (84KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD25-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXA30.DXF (62KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD30
DXF AXA30ZE.DXF (87KB) Double Acting Standard AXA-SD30-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXAH15.DXF (47KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD15
DXF AXAH15ZE.DXF (58KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD15-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXAH20.DXF (66KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD20
DXF AXAH20ZE.DXF (88KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD20-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXAH25.DXF (66KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD25
DXF AXAH25ZE.DXF (88KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD25-ZE (extend. Adjust)
DXF AXAH30.DXF (66KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD30
DXF AXAH30ZE.DXF (90KB) Double Acting End Keep AXAH-SD30-ZE (extend. Adjust)

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