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  • Thiết bị đo lưu lượng siêu âm Tokyo Keiki UFW-100

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  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFW-100 Now Comes, Measurement Unlimited by the Imagination.

    TOKYO KEIKI, the world’s first supplier of ultrasonic flowmeters and industry pioneer is proud to introduce the clamp-on flowmeters of next generation which are environmentally friendly and provide the consistent reliability and “Made in Japan”quality that customers have come to expect from the TOKYO KEIKI brand. 
    The new UFW-100 Series ultrasonic flowmeter boasts a smaller, more compact footprint & size and lower power consumption in a material-saving, RoHS compliant design.

No Pressure Loss (pump power savings) 
No Wetted Parts (no contact with liquid) 
No Moving Parts (no wear) 
No Need to Stop the Process (easy installation) 

Water Distribution 
Factory Utilities 
HVAC Systems 
Process Monitoring 
Replacement for old in-line meters 
Desalination Processes 

Measuring Accuracy : +/- 1.0~2.5% of reading 
4-20mA Output (1ch) 
Contact Output (1ch) 
Data Logging (1min. intervals; up to 1month) 
RS-485 Modbus Output (1ch) (Option) 
Analog Current Input (1ch) (Option) 
Smaller, Compact Footprint & Size*1 
Lower Power Consumption *2 
RoHS Compliant







Measurement Method Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
Diameter Range DN 25mm - 600mm
Accuracy Pipe Diameter Velocity ≧ 1m/s Velocity < 1m/s
DN 25mm - 40mm (*1) ±2.5% R.D. ±0.025m/s
DN 50mm - 90mm ±2.0% R.D. ±0.020m/s
DN 100mm - 250mm ±1.5% R.D. ±0.015m/s
DN 300mm - 600mm ±1.0% R.D. ±0.010m/s
Output Analog output 1port(Std.)       4-20mA  Allowable load resistance 600Ω Max.
Relay output 1port(Std.)       for Totalizing, Warning or Directional output
Digital output 1port(Std.)       USB connection / Inter-communication mode
1port(Option)   RS-485 / MODBUS-RTU output
Input Analog Input 1port(Option)   4-20 mA / Passive input
Main unit Protection Degree IEC60529 IP65
Transducer Applicable Temperature ‐20 ~ 60℃
Protection Degree IEC60529 IP65(Std.) / IEC60529 IP67(Option)
Cable Length 30m Max. (Applicable cable model : RG-223U)
Data Logging Over 68,000 lines(exp. more than 1month by 1min interval / Interval selectable)
Logged Item; Date, time, Instantaneous flow rate, +Total, -Total, Error code and Event status
Function PC Graphical parameter setting
4 key configurable from the console
Disturbance detection
No Echo receiving warning
Low flow cut
Zero shift
Span compensation
Fixed Analog Output
Auto Gain Control
Preset Totalize Start
Data Retention
Echo-wave form monitor
Error Status indication

*1: Site calibration required.

 *1 : Space volume of main unit reduced 60% relative to comparable TOKYO KEIKI products. 
*2 : Power consumption reduction (approx.): -5% at AC100V / -14.8% at AC200V / -10% at DC24V

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