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  • Cảm biến phát hiện mức chất lỏng MAL Series Matsushima

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ

Product Structure: Rod type, Wire type
Power Supply: AC/DC22~264V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 4.7W(AC), 1.8W(DC)
Mounting: R1 Thread (rod type)
JIS5K65A flange (wire type)
Length: Rod 0.25~2m
Wire 0.7~10m
Range: range1 0~10pF
range1 0~50pF
range1 0~100pF
range1 0~1000pF
Signal Output: 1C

Admittance type level switch is a level switch that is composed of 3 types of electrodes
"detecting electrode", "ground electrode" & "guard electrode". For operating principle, 
it monitors the change in the electrostatic capacitance value between the detection 
electrode and the ground electrode as a signal like the general capacitance type level switch. 
Since the guard electrode can cut unnecessary noise components in the surrounding 
environment, it can detect a small change in capacitance value.
The change in electrostatic capacitance value occur when the electrode touches the material
so the level switch can detect the change in the electrostatic capacitance value
and outputs the contact signal.
The admittance type level switch can be widely used from powder to granular substances 
such as cereals, and liquid storage levels.

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