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  • Cảm biến đo nhiệt độ hồng ngoại CellaTemp® PKL Series Keller

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  • The CellaTemp® PKL comes with an integrated LED spot light. The spot light is particularly indispensable for small measuring objects from Ø 1.2 mm as it helps to align the infrared thermometer to view the hot zone and to adjust the correct focal distance. The LED spot light is continuously illuminated and due to its permanent control function it offers a high degree of operational safety. The special feature of the patented spot light is that it shows both the focal point and the exact position and true size of the measuring point. Thanks to the high-precision mechanical and optical design the geometric and optical axes are identical, thus providing a parallax-free CellaTemp® PKL. This excludes squinting of the device when, for example, measuring through a narrow furnace or kiln wall. The single-colour infrared thermometers of the CellaTemp® PKL series are the world's first pyrometers equipped with the industrial 4.0 interface IO-Link.

DeviceTemperatureWavelengthProduct InformationPKL 11
0 - 1000 °C8 - 14 µmPKL 28
250 - 1600 °C1.0 - 1.7 µmPKL 29
180 - 1200 °C1.8 - 2.2 µmPKL 38
500 - 2500 °C0.78 - 1.06 µmPKL 63
650 - 1600 °C0.95 / 1.05 µmPKL 68
650 - 1600 °C0.95 / 1.05 µm

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