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Measurement of powder and liquid levels
Measurement ・Integrated ・Adjustable ・Separate ・Model
range -flange type -flange type type
Powder(liquid) Powder(liquid) Powder(liquid)
1.1-10m(25m) 0.9-10m(25m) 0.9-10m(25m) PE93
1.1-20m(45m) 0.9-20m(45m) 0.9-20m(45m) PE95
Accuracy ±0.25% F.S.

The ultrasonic level meter is designed specially for medium range measurement of powder and liquid levels. Its simple construction with no converter required lends to ease of installation and wiring and improved maintainability. Dedicated software is installed so that the level meter is ready for highly accurate measurement after simply entering required parameters.

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