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  • Bộ điều khiển tự động điều chỉnh canh biên EH321B / EH322B Nireco

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • Mã sản phẩm: LH500

    Xuất sứ: Japan

    Liên hệ: 0917 943 068

    Email: sales@tmpvietnam.com

    Công Ty TNHH và DV Tăng Minh Phát là nhà phân phối chính thức của hãng NIRECO tại việt nam, chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị đo lường  hãng NIRECO tại Việt Nam, NIRECO Việt Nam


The Web Guide Amplifier amplifies signals from the sensors to operate the Servoguide controller, and also functions as a controller.

Changeover between automatic and manual operation can he done with the manual operation pushbutton switch. Truce models are available depending in the type of sensor.

Control output -200 to 0 to +200mA DC (load 20 Ω , moving coil)(max. ± 250mA DC)
Dither : 4Vp-p, 50/100Hz rectangular wave
Power supply voltage 100 to 240V AC, automatic changeover, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100VA
Solenoid valve * Power supply voltage
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃
Installation Shelf, panel, or wall mounting
Mass 5kg

*The power supply voltage of the solenoid valve is 200/220V AC, 50/60Hz. If other voltages are used, the valve must be customized, and the specificarions of the Servoguide MK-IV. M controller must be changed.

Specification by model
Model EH321B EH322B EH323B/AW
Input sensor LH19
PH16B, PH21, PH30N, PH31N
UH01, AWE280A, SLH20BB
Pneumatic-electric converter(SN12G, SN15)
Centering sensor SI12-NE4 SI12-NE4 SI12-NE4
Remote control head LA100 RP100 RP100
Fine adjuster 2k Ω (Potensiometer) 2k Ω (Potensiometer)
Position transmitter 2k Ω (Potensiometer) 2k Ω (Potensiometer)
Output Lamp power supply DC6V 5W DC6V 5W、DC12V 10W

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