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  • Bộ điều khiển khí nén/thuỷ lực D503B-A Nireco

  • Mã SP:
  • Giá : Liên hệ
  • Mã sản phẩm: D503B-A

    Xuất sứ: Japan

    Liên hệ tư vấn: 0917.943.068
    Email: chien@tmpvietnam.com

    Công Ty TNHH và DV Tăng Minh Phát là nhà phân phối chính thức của hãng NIRECO tại việt nam, chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị đo lường và phân tích khí độc hại hãng NIRECOtại Việt Nam, NIRECO Việt Nam


The Servoguide MK-IV is a new type of hydraulic controller which embodies our long experience and technology in the field of web control.

The Servoguide MK-IV.D is a pneumatic-hydraulic Edge Position Control(EPC) device. The edge sensors are pneumatic, which gives them an extremely simple structure, while the controller is a robust, yet highly responsive, hydraulic unit. Control is precise and maintenance is simple.

Low load type

Model D053, priced lowest among the Servoguide series, is a controller for low loads.


Syngle type

Model D121 is the standard model of the Servoguide MK-IV series, which can be used for most machines.


Twin type

Two Servoguide MK-IV controllers are mounted on one hydraulic pump unit in the model D226. Economical and compact instrumentation can be obtained when more than one EPC system(eg. laminator line, multi-stage guide roll, etc.) is installed nearby.


High load-type

Model D721 is a high-power Servoguide which can be applied for high loads and high-speed lines.

  • Compact and inexpensive.
  • Excellent control accuracy (control within ±0.1mm according to installation conditions).
  • No contact between sensor and web.
  • Very easy installation and maintenance.
  • Large operating force and high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • All hydraulic devices are incorporated in the oil reservoir, thus eliminating oil leakage.
  • Quiet operation due to the special construction that prevents noise emission
    (Operating noise level : below 65 dB (A)).
  • Use of a long-Iife and easy-to-maintain non-contact rotary blower allows clean air to be supplied.
  • Use of a general-purpose motor makes all models explosion proof and increases safety.

This system is available with centering operation as well asautomatic operation. The reel or the guide roll stand is automatically restored to the center position by selecting CENT with the selector switch when setting a mill roll, changing the width of a wed, or splicing webs.



In this system, the Servoguide MK-IV. D controller can be remotely switched off during automatic operation or the reel stand can be moved right and left, when setting a mill roll or splicing webs.


MODEL Type Max operating pressure 
Pump capacity 
Pump type Motor Output
Max. operating force kN
Cylinder bore mm
Max. operating speed 
with no load mm/s 
Cylinder bore mm
50 80 50 80
D053 Low load 1 2.0
Fix displacement 200 1.9 4.9 20 8
D121 Single standard 1.5 4.2
Fix displacement 400 2.9 7.4 34 13
D226 Twin standard 1.5 4.2
Fix displacement 400 2.9 7.4 20 8
D721 High load 2.5 9(60Hz)
(No load)
Variable displacement 750
12.3 30

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